A structure is a derived data type in C. It is used to group different data types under the same name together.


struct structure_name{

data_type1 variable_name1;

data_type2 variable_name2;




Are you confused? you could create a structure called the customer, which contains a customer name, and customer contact number.

struct customer
char *name;
int number;

Note the semicolon; behind the last curly bracket.

you have created a new data type now called the customer. To access this data type, you have to create a variable of the type customer.

struct customer customer1;

To access the members of a structure, you must use dot(“.”) operator like this, = “john”;

customer1.number = 123456789;


struct customer
char *name;
int number;

int main()
struct customer customer1; = "John";
customer1.number = 123456789;
printf("Name: %s\n",;
printf("Telephone number: %d\n", customer1.number);
return 0;


Name: John

Telephone Number: 123456789

Pointers to Structs:

Sometimes it is useful to assign a pointer to a structure. Declaring pointers to structures is basically the same as declaring a normal pointer.
struct customer *customer1;
To reference, you can use the infix operator: ->.
printf(“%s\n”, customer1->name)




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