Which to start with Swift or C?

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    I read somewhere that in March 2017, Swift hit the chart in top programming languages in the UK (https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2017/03/10/swift_pops_top_10/). These days I’m very excited about Swift, Rust, F, Scala and Go. Lately, very interested in Swift. What I like about them is their flexibility in coding operating systems. With Rust, one might loathe about the syntax (the semicolons are quite oldie kinds)
    But I need guidance on which one to start with Swift or Objective-C? My friend suggests Rust for its traits and immutability.
    As far as I know Swift uses Automatic Referencing Counting to track memory usage. This should make my memory management quite easy compared to Rust which is manual.
    I would love to develop iOS app, but would like to go with one which doesn’t consume much time. I have read a lot about Swift in Xcode 6 and I guess it should be much easier & simpler than Objective-C. It comes with many advantages too, as mentioned here(http://www.cestarcollege.com/blog/news-and-events/3-benefits-of-using-swift-programming/). So thinking of going for Swift than Objective-C.
    Could someone direct me to more Swift guide articles? Need suggestions on Swift Vs Objective C?

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    Venkat G

    Hi Emy,
    Its good to learn both Objective C and Swift.. Since you are starting now, you can go ahead with Swift. Later you can understand Objective C. People who has experienced in Objective C , will compare swift with Objective C while learning swiift. You can come in reverse. And main thing going forward swift will be evergreen language. I am writing tutorial in this site to learn swift , hope that also may help you.

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