Introduction to C Programming

C is a programming language, developed in “AT&T’s Bell Laboratories” to develop unix operating systems.It Was Written by Dennis Ritche.

 Do you know why it was named as “C”?. As many of this feature is derived from “B” Language, it was named as “C”. BCPL and CPL are the earlier ancestors of “B” Language.

We don’t like to give you more introduction and history Since it won’t be useful to improve your skills in C Programming. At the same time, it will be interesting if you know the real-time use of C Programming Language.

1.C Language is used for creating system tool that acts as a major part of Operating systems.
2.Used in Embedding Softwares.
3.Unix is Completely Developed in C Language.


Before start learning Programming Language, We need to know some important topics, which should be more helpful to understand

1.Coding :

First step in Programming , we need to choose editors to code our logic.Turbo C is the simple and mostly used editor to learn C Language


Second step in execution , before to run the code , we must compile it , it converts our written code into Machine Instruction.Compiler checks for errors, if your code is error free, then it is ready to run.

3.Compile Time Error Correction:

During Compile time, Compiler compile our code , and if it finds any error or issues , It will alert the user for the error occurred at compile time.


This step Links our Libraries with programs, here also editor checks for error. This error will be called as Linker error

After Finishing all the above step, we can see our output by executing our program. There are chances for getting error in run time also, So again we need to review the code.

Note: This tutorial is only for beginners not for an expert.



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